The Eghe Festival
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Last up date (July 30, 2021)

Eghe is a festival performed annually in Ozalla by girls and women for great dedication to River Orhueren. The festival is specially designed for those groups of people believed to have come to this world through the help of the goddess (River Orhueren).

People do not just start celebrating this festival. The date and days are normally fixed by Igbidin quarter in Ozalla. There is no Age limit in this festival

This particular festival takes place during the month of August in every year. This is the period of harvesting of new yam and the period of collecting new corn for making a certain type of food known in Ozalla as “Ovbi Oko”. Until this festival is performed, no yams are allowed to enter the Ozalla market. It usually lasts two days to perform every Rite connected with this festival.

The goddess uses to choose the people to be connected with this festival and they make use of Immaculate White Cloths when performing the traditional rites.

The period is usually featured by the dancing of the celebrants and cooking and sending gifts to well wishers.

The first day of it, there is usually the breaking of Kola-nuts at the premises of the two priests (at Igbidin and Iraede) and this is followed by dancing by the celebrants who go to the shrines by the market square for the breaking of Kola-nuts. On the last day of the festival, all the various villages or quarters (Ekeke, Usuamen, Ivbihere, Iraede, Uwiara, Igbidin and Uhonmoke etc) would send delegate to carry their big native bands known in Ozalla as UKOKOZI to the shrines to grace the occasion. These bands (UKOKOZI) are played by the delegates of each quarter and songs (especially funny songs) are usually sung.

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