Title System in Ozalla
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Last up date (July 26, 2021)

Title system in Ozalla Clan is similar to that in other Ivbiosakon Clans. There are two grades titles the first being the “EJERENOKHUA” and the second called the “OLOKPA”

According to Ozalla tradition, the title system was first introduced from Ora clan through an Ozalla woman who had married an Ora man.

The titles are of two origins those in Atuekhor originated from Eme-Ora and those in the rest of the clan from Ohia-Ora.

The titles are being obtained by purchase. But there is however, a restriction to it. A restriction is placed on a candidate for an OLORIA title. It was that all the members of the candidate’s family who were senior to him must have taken a title before him himself applied.

Only a person who had taken the Olokpa title was eligible for an EJERENOKHUA title. But a son must be barred during the life time of his father and also a junior brother are barred from taking the title unless his senior brother had himself taken an Ejerenokhua title.

The women are not left out in some cases. In Ozalla Clan, the “OLUA” titles are given to the wives of the persons that had got the Ejerenokhua title. But this however being restricted to the senior wives of Ejerenokhua title holders.

These title holders excluding the women played a leading role in settlement of disputes.

In criminal cases, the Otulea who are responsible for keeping the peace of the Clan had quasi Judicial Powers in cases of minor importance such as petty thieving assault. However, this is only applied where the offender admitted his offence and begged the Otulea who would order him to restore the stolen property or pay compensation for assault and might collect a small fine for their trouble. Reports would always be made to the head (Odion) of the People concerned.

All serious case and probably all cases in which the accused did not admit his guilt go to the Clan Council who for this purpose met at a meeting at the palace of the Clan Head. The meeting would consist of the Edion and title holders and the Otulea. But the Otulea are there, more to persecute the case and to keep Order than as Judges.

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