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What People Don’t know About Olokun

By Ekaiwe Omo Omoregie (Last Update July 8, 2020)

OLOKUN symbolizes hope and deliverance for those who are adherents of the divinity. Olokun’s abode is the sea into which all rivers flow. Any river that refuses to flow into the sea becomes a lake and retains a lake.

Also, Olokun has healing that is why John Mason says “Olokun offer’s the chance to partake of the mentality, emotionality spiritually proactive therapeutic magic enlightenment that is present when we embrace and try see the redemptive possibilities of a new day a new life”.

Before I go further let me emphasize here that Olokun is a, male, not a female divinity. Given this, I wonder why someone like Ngozi Esohe walked into premises of the Nigerian Observer and granted interview where she claimed to be Olokun. Yet in publication as a renewed Okunist, I have been explaining to the world the spirituality of Olokun. For instance take my article October 29, 2004 in newspaper titled OLOKUN RELIGION: Origin and birth place. In this article I said Olokun is not a female divinity although most women worship him. They do so because they look for children more than men. If a woman has no child in marriage, she cannot afford to bring into the marriage several men and marry but the men can do so, he does not bother about going to Olokun for children as a woman does”.

Olokun Worshippers
Olokun Worhippers at urhonigbe
Because Olokun is a male arch divinity, he is referred to as king of all kings and as the ruler of today, tomorrow and the future. Therefore, no one knowledgeable in African traditional religion refers to the divinity as queen of all queens or mother of all mothers.

There is one point I always made. It is summarized this way “The path to understand Olokun mystical ways strenuous as climbing up a mountain. Those patiently climb it to the top will be able to taste his blissful,, spiritual love which he preserved for everyone”. I don’t think Ngozi Esohe has such a “mountain” Olokun knowledge. Hence she is making the false claim of being Otokun. Talk is cheap. It is easy for her to say she is Oloku therefore, without proof. All the same, I shed tears when I read her blasphemous ¡interview in which she was Olokun not even that she is one of his massagers

I won’t accecpt that she is suffering from psychosis or psychiatric problem as suggested by Dr. Okounday and other medical personal. But I suspect she could be child of Olokun and her parent didn’t perform the appropriate religious ritual for stabilizing her Olokun to have children on earth. So once Ngozi Esohe performs all the initiation ceremonies of Olokun, she will be a free person to like her life on earth like a normal person.

Her links to Olokun will be severed she won’t hear all those Olokun voices around her anymore, her life will stabilized on. A good husband and children will be her reward. No more worries from Olokun.

Olokun is a Spirit who is therefore not limited in time and space. He has never appeared on earth in person of course, he will never do so. This makes him the greatest divinity knows to man.

Only  his wives sometimes come to earth in the form of person such, as was the case of Ora, Orhionmwon and Igbaghon to men a few. All those that appeared as persons on earth were deified by their followers after their death.

Olokun as I have said, has wives and spiritual confidant which may manifest through birth as per on earth for the purpose of solving particular problems afflicting their earthly parent or community. Take this particular case. There was the Olokun girl born to a certain couple when she grew up to a marriage age no male suitor looked in her direction despite her stunning beauty. To the surprise of her parent she didn’t even have public hair. Nevertheless, her parents forced her into marriage. The marriage didn’t work why?

Her secret place was sealed up by Olokun. Thus, her husband could not penetrate her, Her frightened parents went in search for spiritual assistance from herbalist who told them that their daughter was an Olokun spirit- child in person on earth. So her relationship with any man won’t be normalized unless the necessary rituals and appeasements to Olokun were performed when all these things were done her secret place opened.

She could have sex brought forth children.

Igbaghon the daughter of Oubiobu Alakakaka, was one of such Olokun children. She told her parents that she wouldn’t like to marry a man who would keep her in a harem. In other words her husband wouldn’t be a king. However, when the Enogie of Ugo saw her he decided to marry her because of her beauty. But she rejected his offer of marriage outright. The Enogie Ogiugo, insisted. She accepted him.

What happened? During the day, she was romantics. No problem. At night however, she was separated by a mirror from her husband Ogiugo N’Iyekorhionmwon. Sexual consummation was impassible between husband and wife.

All efforts made by him for assistance to resolve the impasse with his wife lgbaghon failed no native doctor could help him. Out of frustration he unilaterally dissolved the marriage and sent her as a gift to the Oba. Still sexual fulfillment with her remained deadlocked Olokun was at work. Once again, Igbaghon was ejected from the palace, she left. It was on the day, she walked away from the palace that she turned into a river at Ugboko N’iro on the Benin/Abraka Road in Edo state

Ighaghon was Olokun’s wife in the river. This explained her unique life on earth before she transformed she transformed into a river But at no time did she claim to be Olokun, himself just as Ngozi Esohe is now doing

There was a girl who once confessed that she vas marine witch during a church service. ¡ was there because at the time I was still a church-goer. I heard her say she attended meeting with water spirit and was a massager of witches. She revealed that she normally changes into a shark before going for the meeting with the water spirit.

So Ngozi Esohe claim that, she is a marine goddess is a different thing, entirely. Before coming to this world though her parents, she could have been members of the marine massagers of Olokun who are fast at delivering messages throughout the sea and rivers to their destination. Their speed is faster than the world’s fastest aircrafts. Ngozi Esohe could be one of such marine massagers. She ought to have first consulted Olokun Specialist to explain her status in Olokun kingdom before rushing to The Nigerian Observer to speak on the Olokun issue. As if this was not enough, she claimed to the Olokun, himself.

Olokun does not go to any church to worship. Sing and dance. The only time he visits a church is to reclaim his children lost to a church. But note that during such a visit, he comes in a spiritual form. He never appears in person.

This isn’t all. Olokun has his own system of worship and peculiar music played to every of his temples or shrines. The lyric of such music send his worshippers into trances, meditation and prophetic mode during which they communicate with Olokun.

The following appellations are used to describe Olokun:

The king mightier than all earthly kings who rules today, tomorrow and forever.

The merchant who has greater wealth for display.

The son of God who want progress for all

The king which has hairs made of money.

He who loves and plays with children.

Revealer of all secrets the one who distribute wealth throughout the world.

The one with mighty belt that binds the world together.

How can Olokun with this powerful appellations and who is worshipped around the world live in the mud by a river side as some people suggested by their blasphemous statement? Another issue is that were Ngozi Esohe the real Olokun, she would have had the spiritual power to save her mother from the poison she claimed that killed her.

Finally if Ngozi Esohe was had said that she is a queen from the sea. It could have been understandable, after all Olokun married IImadese a queen of the sea who became known as Oraao because she always in the habit of yawning in Olokun’s presence. She is the most favorite wife of Olokun.

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