Ora Location

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The location under reference here implies the present one covering the space of some years before and some years, may be many years to come after the time of writing. The present location, hopefully the best, ¡s the third since the nucleus of Ora settled at Odorlerle some five and a half centuries ago. Reasons for shifting from one location to the other without fully abandoning the first location, i.e. Odorlerle, will unfold in course of going through the history of the movements of the community.

It is strange that maps showing Ora location in any appreciable size have become very scarce, if there were any at all to start with. Sketches as rough illustration may suffice for our purpose here. Ora began just like any other community from a small size to what size it now. Ora today  lies West of Longitude 6°.04 East and stretches to tapering form towards Longitude 5° 48 East and River Osse as boundary between her and the Yorubaland, its northern and southern boundaries lie respectively within 6° 59 North and 6°.48 North. The entire land mass, about 457sqkm is yet to be fully put into use for residential, recreational, agricultural and industrial purposes.

The settlement areas are countable and clearly separated, happily not by flood and erosion effects or by similar other natural problems such as crags. hills and valleys but by perches of fast disappearing bushes Reasons behind the disappearance are not far to find: there are good roads linking the six Units of settlement among themselves and connecting them all with neigbbouring towns and villages, there are in consequence many modern houses and recreational establishments on spacious grounds around as well as scattered industrial projects increasing educational and other institutions replacing the separating bushes which are annually invaded by dry-season bush-fire.

Still on the location of Ora, there is no where to be found any signboard with an inspection such as welcome to Ora’ or ‘Ora drive with care’. This is because of the non-compactness of all the Units of Ora. Such compactness may have made Ora, irrespective of her general land-mass, a Larger town or a big city. She is now perforce a clan of six main Units, each striving to be a town with parallel amenities albeit improvidently, and in consequence, slowly

The location of Ora becomes readily appreciable when it is viewed from three different surrounding highlands, namely

i.  Descending along the highway from Iruekpen to Ozalla

i¡. Descending also along the highway at and around the junction of Afuze Otuo-Auchi to Ora a

¡¡¡. Descending along the high way form Avbiosi new site to Ora
The location is thus essentially within the large saucer-like bowl of land as seen from the above mentioned highlands.

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