In the Beginning” for Ora people

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This phrase ‘’in the beginning” for Ora people goes back to the era of the second Bini dynasty when Oba Eweka I ascended the throne. This is put at about 1200 A.D. From oral account at our disposal, Ora had not come into existence during this period. According to Benin history there were ten Obas who reigned through different duration between 1240 A.D. and 1440 A.D when Oba Eweka ascended the throne.

The above paragraph as a spring - pad is stated because for Ora people there is great delight in saying. (Davbo eghe gh’ Aweka e vae) meaning ‘since the era of Oba Eweka The uninformed may have the impression that Ora as a people was in existence during the era in question. The conclusion is that the delight in so saying is due to non - questioning or non-examination of the claim. Oba Ewuare is the father of Okpame who in turn is the father of Oraekpen, the great ancestor of Ora people. When therefore Ora people say Davbo eghe gh’ Aweka e vae’ this could be due to one of two things:
they, like all emigrants from Benin before Oraekpen was born., inherited and delighted in so saying to support the age of whatever they are talking about or they erroneously become used to pushing their Origin from the fifteenth century back to the thirteenth

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