The Origin of Ora as a people

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From the fore-going, the origin of Ora is definitely after Oraekpen addressed his sons who were permitted to disperse, each to try his hands on his settlement which with other they should collectively call Ora. As shall been later, this was about 1540. The sons did and Ora, their entire community, were ‘born’ while they were still in Odorlerle. They were not Ora in Benin since the era of Eweka I they were a people i.e. descendants of Edo prince by name Okpame; the administration of the settlement of prince Okpame, right from the beginning, was not directed from Edo, nor was it, after the leadership fell on his son Oraekpen. Ora was therefore not an extension of Edo. Physically it was not on the territory of Edo, which the Ibos and Ukwuanis (Kwale) refer to as Idu, and the Urhobos as Aka. Ora people, especially when they speak their language always refer to Benin as Edo, not as an erst-while home

Between 1540 and about 1640. Ora people seemed to have intensified their separation from Edo, notwithstanding the fact that their ties in cultural and religious matters are similar having derived from the same roots. It could be summarized this way; the spirit and substance of Ora as a people began remote]y in Okpame’s era as a latent idea, it only became conceptualized and actualized towards the end of the life - time of his son, Oraekpen Ora community thenceforth became and remained one entity made up of the descendants of the sons of Oraekpen. It thus becomes clear why “In the beginning’’ claimed by Ora people is different from what is realistically “the Origin” of Ora.

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