The History of Ojirami

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Last update June 24, 2020

Introdution and History

According to achieves records Ojirami. History has it that they migrated from Benin. They consist of six (6) separate villages driven together for mutual protection Five of these villages were found by men who left Benin for various reasons and one by an age -group from Lampese although the people do not admit it.  It people took refuge in or near Somorika during the period of Nupe domination.

According to achieves records Ojirami is divided geographically in two parties which are two miles apart, but this division at present has no administrative significance. Its people are divided into six (6) family units each presenting a separate migration. They are called (a) Ibinije (b) Esuele (c) Ibinobe (d) Odoke (e)
Ologumu (f) Afiara.


The head of Ebinobo is entitled to Otaru title and the head of other five (5) units Okogbe title .There is also one Obolo and Uka in each unit. When the Otaru or Okogbe dies he is succeeded by the Oboro and a new Oboro is appointed.

Presently this village is under electoral ward five (5) and under Okulusho clan.

Ojirami presently are as follows:-

(¡) Ojirami Peteshi

(¡¡) Ojirami Afekunu

(¡¡¡) Ojirarni Dam.

Presently the only dam that supplies water in the whole Local Government is located in Ojirami Dam though the Akuku claim main owners of the land.

Their main occupation is farming.

Same as Dangbala

Same as Dangbala

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