The History of Onumu

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Last update June 26, 2020

Onumu is one of the Okpameri speaking villages in Akoko Edo. It belongs to the Central Akoko Clan. Onumu have very strong cultural ties with the Somorika people.

According to archives record the people of Somorika. Onumu and Ogbe have a common descent from emigrants from Benin. Therefore bears settled together first at ldah, then at Egay near Okene and then at the west of lbillo and now has no existence. They then move south ward, then the founders of Onumu and Ogbe settling at, or near the present sites of these villages.

According to archives record Onumu is divided territorially into two (2) quarters called Ikpesumu and Ipado. The people of the former are divided into three (3) families named Yesu, Usi and Ehumi and of the latter into two (2) families called Ivede and E,hunu.

Quarters and families are functioning administrative units.

The head of the lkpesumu quarter is entitled Okara and is chosen by "ifa” (divination) from the Yewu family. The head of Ipodo, the Otaru, is chosen by the same method from the Ivele family.

Positions involve control of the quarter fetishes. There has been no village head at the time of this research, nobody seems to want the post and it was probably a Nupe innovation. There is no dispute of any kind in this village.

Age groups are formed every eleven years at the same time as those of

Judiciary: Same as Somorica

Land Ownership: Same as Somorica

Marriage: Same as Somorica

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