The History of Sasaro

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Last update June 26, 2020

According to archives record Sasaro was founded by Apeji who left Benin at the same time and for the same reason as Onyaro of Benin. He settled first near Egbigele and his descendants took refuge in or near Somorika during the period of Nupe domination. They descended to the present site of the village at the foot of the Igarra in 1964. It is said that they live on land as tenants of Somonka. although they pay no rent but are being forbidden from reaping the palm -trees. Some of the young people returned to the old site which is called Oko where they own the land.


According to Archives record - Sasaro is divided into six (6) families Osinako, Ogbiria. Osa, lziku. Imovie and Inyerovo of which the two last are subsidiary to Osinako and Iziku respectively.

A new age group is formed every seven (7) years among the youths of 16-23.

There was no village head until 1911 when one was appointed by the distinct Commissioner. The post has been vacant for three (3) years


In the olden days girls were betrothed at birth and go to their husband after their first menstruation .Widows were free to re-marry without refunding dowry.


In the olden days, the village court consists of the chief priest and the members of the senior title holders. The court sitting is held at the home of the oldest man in  Sasaro. All civil and matrimonial disputes including adultery and all criminal cases except murder, manslaughter and arson could be settled privately by the heads of families of the parties. Decisions as to disputed fact was given on the outcome of oath or ordeal at sasaro on those of the Isogua

Judgment on debt matter were enforced, by permitting the creditor to seize a goat, the value of which must be paid by the debtor to the owner (This is still applicable till now)

Crimes were punished with following ways in the olden days.

Theft: Held up to public ridicule.

Murder: Self hanging in the market.

Assault and wounding: Fine

Adultery: Compensation of goat, cock, dog to the husband

Arson: If caught, thrown into the fire, if not 12/ 5 and a goat as compensation

Manslaughter: Compensation of one person to the deceased family.

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