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Last update 03-06-2020) 

The Uzairue people of Uzairue clan comprise of about a total of nineteen separated villages and are the immediate neigbours of the Okpella to the southwest
The Uzairue people are one of the Edo people know as Etsako who like the Okpello migrated from Benin in the early 14th century a period figured to be between the reign of Oba Ewuare and Oba Ozolua

An account has it that Uzairue was one of the eight sons of an Edo Chief called Oluka in Benin.

Uzairue married Azana (Azama) with whom they both had eight sons. Ikpe was the eldest son who led their migratory journey from Benin

Their first settlement within the Ersako area was said to be Ukutegba, this was a forestland between the swampy river Orle valley, Ukpella (Okpella and Ibie Hill.

They later adjusted themselves within the area and moved slightly away from Ukutegha forest to settle at its back. This constitute the area which they now live and proliferated thus developing as well as expanding into nineteen village s Vi z: Ikpe, ímeke, Afashio, Apana, Afowa, Ayoghene, Iyuku, Ayogwir. Idato, Ikabigbo, Ugbeno, lrekpai. Ivhorha, Elele, Iyamho, Ogbido, Uluoke, Ayua and Ivhithekhai.

Among these villages, it has been said that Uluoke and Iyuku villages of Uzairue share borders with Okpella parent villages of Imiekuri and lddo at the river referred to in Okpella as  Uchokhe Okhakha, after the forest reserve between Ogugu camp and Uluake on  Okpella — Auchi Road, while Iyuku shares border wíth Imtekuri, another parent village of Okpella.

There have been checkered histories of peaceful social and cultural interaction between Okpella and Uzairue people. This cherished history was once punctuated b an unwarranted war during the days of Omogba and Oshieku of Uzairue and Okpella respectively.

After the cease of hostilities the two brother clans entered into a traditional or customary treaty of brotherhood and peace during the days of Oshieku of Okpella and Omogba of L7zairue in the early second half of the 19th century. Since then the peaceful and brotherly ties have been sustained.

Uzairua by the middle of the twentieth century provided the biggest forum for marketing of farm produce from Okpella and the whole of Etsako and beyond. The market in Jattu is known as Ikpe market, it gained prominence in the wake of the 20th century

The market no doubt stimulated agricultural production and motivated the whole of Etsako in the middle of the 20th Century to develop agriculture and handicrafts
Thus lkpe market of Uzairue served as a centre of commerce for the whole of Eisako promoting trade and socio—cultural interaction.

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