Etsakoland Tourist Sites

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Last update 03-06-2020) 

Ise Lake

Ise Lake, is situated at Weppa side of Weppa-Wano in the area. The lake is about two kilométres ¡n diameter and is worshipped. Although large fishes abound in the lake no fishing is allowed. The lake is entirely surrounded by bushes wlth>ibush-PathS leading tc it from the nearest trunk “B” road ol. Agenebode-Auchi road.
The lake offers a very beautiful sight.

Sand Beaches of Agenebode {Weppa Wanno}:

White Sand Beach of Agenebode is Situated in Etsako East Local Government, north of Edo State.Agenebode is sacattered over hills and valleys. The hilly nature of the terrain makes the weather cool most of the year. An ideal place to relax and unwind. Combining comfort convenience and friendly environment,the WhiteSand Beaches makes you to enjoy all the advantages for a memorable stay. Go for it.splendid amenities tinged with the traditional Afemai hospitality, this sand beaches can be your perfect choice. The outstanding hotel amenities and Services will obviously make you to feel at home.For the convenient location of Agenebode make it a perfect haven for the tourists.The wide range of facilities and services along with splendid room facilities, a fantastic range to provide boarders with every bit of luxury possible.

Edegbake/Oghodoghodo caves:

Those two caves are located near Fugar in Etsako central Local Government Area. They are prehistoric and are believed to have been the bode of a community of early men. Edegbake the smaller of the two, can convenietly accommodate 50 persons while Oghodoghodo has a capacity for 200 persons. A slow-flowing stream runs through Edegbake and there are prospect for amateur fishing, excursions and general relaxation

The Ede or Anagwu Caves:

These caves also know in the local parlance as Igodo, are located in the heartland of Edegbe village which lies between Ivioghe and Iviukwe towns in Etsako East Local Government Area.The Anagwa stream flows through the basement of the caves. The caves play a significant role in the initiation rituals for the age-grade members of the community. The biggest chamber of the two caves is used for this purpose

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