Ancient Benin Kingdom & Edo State
Where Modernity And Tradition Meets In perfect Harmony
(Benin City Nigeria Local Time)
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Benin kingdom/Edo state Cultural heritage Site

Uhen, heritage site
The 'giant foot-prints'printed on stones in Uhen, Ovia North East Local Government Area, when the world was still in a molten stage.
Edegbake/Oghodoghodo caves:
Those two caves are located near Fugar in Etsako central Local Government Area. They are prehistoric and are believed to have been the bode of a community of early men. Edegbake the smaller of the two, can convenietly accommodate 50 persons while Oghodoghodo has a capacity for 200 persons. A slow-flowing stream runs
through Edegbake and there are prospect for amateur fishing, excursions and general relaxation
The giant footprint of Ukhuse Oke:
Located in a sacred grove between Ukhuse-oke and Ukhuseosi in lulehe clan of Owan west local government area,very distinct footprints of a prehistoric giant are premanently embedded on the flat granite rocks it is believed that the footprints were made when the world was still in its molten state. It presents a challenge for archaeologists and anthropologist.
The animal footprint of Ivbiodohen:
Footprints of various species of animals are embedded ia a flat granite stab that confound all imaginations. Legend has it that the footprints were imprinted during the formative stages of the planet earth.The footprints are very detailed and like the ones in Ukhuse Oke, will require an extensive archaelogical or anthropogical research.Ivbiodohen.
The Ede or Anagwu Caves:
These caves also know in the local parlance as Igodo, are located in the heartland of Edegbe village which lies between Ivioghe and Iviukwe towns in Etsako East Local Government Area.The Anagwa stream flows through the basement of the caves. The caves play a significant role in the initiation rituals for the age-grade members of the
community. The biggest chamber of the two caves is used for this purpose. The two chambers combined can conveniently sit up to 500 persons.