Ancient Benin Kingdom & Edo State
Where Modernity And Tradition Meets In perfect Harmony
(Benin City Nigeria Local Time)
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Benin kingdom/Edo state Vegetation

The riverine areas of Edo State have mainly mangrove swamp vegetation. The rainforest of the Benin Lowlands is gradually being displaced by rubber plantations. The soil types, here, are the low-productive sand in the south east and the fertile, clayey soil in the North West.

The northern fringes of the Esan Plateau have savannah vegetation while the southern part is mainly rain-forest with areas of secondary growth and elephant grass. This is largely due to deforestation. The soil types are clayey or porous red sand. Rubber and oil palm trees grow quite well here.

The Northern Plateau has savannah vegetation with the oil palm growing wildly. The
soil is gravelly in the higher ranges while it is sandy towards the Orle Valley.