Ancient Benin Kingdom & Edo State
Where Modernity And Tradition Meets In perfect Harmony
(Benin City Nigeria Local Time)
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Benin kingdom/Edo state Festivals

Edo state has a very rich tradition of festivals and masquerades through which the people either appease the various gods and goddesses, purification of both the land and individual celebrant,initiate men or women into age-grades or as a traditional get-together. More than one hundred major festivals are celebrated in the state between September and March every year. Those celebrations offer opportunities for re-unions of members of the family and friends, it also offers opportunities to visitors to see and feel the rich cultural heritage of the state. More than one hundred major festivals are celebrated in the state between January and December every year

Some of the festival celebrated in Benin/Edo State:

Igue and Ewere Festivals (Benins Clan)

Eho Festival (Benins Clan)

Eho Festival Of Benin Culture (Benins Clan)

Ebomisi Festival (Benins Clan)

Ohonomoimen Festival Of Iuleha (Owan Clan)

Adu Ikukun Festival (Etsako Clan)

Ukpe Festival (Esan/Ishan Clan) 

Ighele Festival (Esan/Ishan Clan) 

Oto Uromi Festival (Esan/Ishan Clan) 

Most of the Festivals have a yearly cycles and are open to general viewing and sometimes, participation some other like the Obazu festival held among the Aomas of luleha in Owan West Local Government Area the state is strictly restricted to the men folks.

The masquerades in Edo state are generally believed to be earthly representative of some celestial gods, goddesses or ancestors .Masquerades like the Igbabonelimi of Esanland are very popular social entertainers whose secrets and working are only know to initiates who are sworn to utmost secrecy

many masquerades are linked to traditional festivals,while others are only social and have no ritualistic backgrounds or undertones.