Ancient Benin Kingdom & Edo State
Where Modernity And Tradition Meets In perfect Harmony
(Benin City Nigeria Local Time)
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Edo State Government

The constitutional roles of the state are to make and execute laws for the good of governance of the state; provide social amenities for the general welfare of the people; provide a conductive and safe climate for the industrial development of the state and secure the lives and properties of its citizenry.

The state Executive council
The membership of this body, which is the highest governing organ in the state, consists of the executive Governor, who is the chairman, the deputy Governor, the commissioners, the secretary to the state Government, the head of service and the Chief of staff.

The Legislature
To make laws for the good governance of Edo state, it exercises this function through debates on the floor of the House and the constitution of relevant standing and adhoc committees to reach unanimous agreements on all issues brought before it.

The House of assembly is also empowered by the constitution to invoke its quasi-judicial power by setting up commissions of inquiry to investigate and make recommendations on thomy sensitive issues.
Edo state has 24- member House of Assembly and the clerk of the House

The Judiciary
When Edo state was created on August 27, 1991, it inherited established judicial and physical structures that were necessary for the adjudication and dispensation of the law and justice. It also inherited a well-trained corps of legal personnel from the old Bendel state judiciary

These existing structures comprised of the High court of justice, the various grades of Magistrate Courts and Customary Courts, each conferred with specific judicial functions and jurisdiction.

The state is divided into Judicial Division and Magisterial Districts, each headed by a High Court Judge and a senior Magistrate respectively. They are answerable to the Chief Judge of the state

As in other states of the federation the state Ministry of Justice render legal services to the judiciary which has the constitutional powers to adjudicate over cases and other legal matters

The ministry drafts legislation, legal notices and other forms of legal service such as agreements for the state. It also prosecutes criminal cases in the courts of superior jurisdiction like the High Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court´

It also offer legal advice to other government ministries, local Government parastatals and agencies.

The Ministry of Justice is headed by the commissioner for justice and attorney General, who is also the Chief Law Officer of the state
The state Judiciary is headed by the Chief Judge, with judges presiding over cases in about 25 High Courts in the states
The Edo state Customary Court of Appeal adjudicates over appeals from the Area Customary Courts it is headed by the president, Customary Court of Appeal.

Local Government Administration
The local government councils complement the duties and roles of the state government. As the third tier of government, local governments are development-oriented and providers of social services
Under the 1999 constitution, the independence of the local government is not total, but complementary. They are expected to galvanize and mobilize the people to appreciate and participate on state and federal programmes.
The functions of local government are basically.

  1. Construction and maintence of motorable roads and drains
  2. The provision of agricultural and veterinary services
  3. Environmental sanitation and preventive health
  4. Providing and maintaining maternity homes, dispensaries
  5. Community development
  6. Construction, maintenance and equipping of primary schools
  7. Inland water (where applicable)
  8. Construction, maintenance and control of markets, motor parks, recreation parks and gardens
  9. Afforestation
  10. Maintenance of law and order

Since the creation of Edo state on August 27, 1991, the local government structure and administration has undergone major changes ranging from the creation of six more local government areas in addition to the existing 12 to other radical changes.

Edo state is made up of 18 Local Government Area with their headquarters as follows;

Akoko Edo  
Esan Central  
Esan North East 
Esan South East    
Esan West 
Etsako Central  
Etsako East   
Etsako West 
Ikpoba Okha   
Benin City
Ovia North East 
Ovia South West  
Owan East   
Owan West 
sabongida- Ora
Uhunmwode    Ehor