Ancient Benin Kingdom & Edo State
Where Modernity And Tradition Meets In perfect Harmony
(Benin City Nigeria Local Time)
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Essence Of Benin kingdom/Edo state

The smiling faces of the people, the warm greetings. The Fridays/Saturdays merry making; partying, music and dancing, free meals and drinks at several points. The noisy and long-lasting sundays church services but very colourful,the pagan rituals at local churches "the money minded miracles performing men of God" the voodoo priests. The exotic rain forest, mother that carry their babies on their backs, the westernization of the women folks. The badly maintained cars and commercial buses popularly called tuke-tuke, the chaotic way of driving, the badly maintained highway and accidents. People carrying wares on their head. The local; kings, princes, princesses, chiefs, , Alhajis. "The Madams" the sex-slave merchants/human traffickers, "Italos" Edo prostitutes in Italy,"the big Ogas", "Acaterians"{Edos in diaspora},the Agberos(motor park thugs). The constant bargaining {''no bargain, no pleasure''},the pidgin English spoken by the natives{no be so?}. The Edos love and appreciate very big families. As the local saying goes ''Children bring happiness into the house''.

Edo mentality and culture of freedom of religious worship, hospitality, enlightenments, tolerant and co-existence,make them so different from other part of Nigeria.

For those willing to go off the beaten track,Benin kingdom/Edo state has a lot going for it.