Etsako Land Climate

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Last update 03-06-2020) 

The availability of fresh water is largely the consequence of the contact made by the south west prevailing winds on the mountains on its way to the Niger valley. The wet season last for up to seven (7) months while the dry season last four (4) months, the annual rainfail is between forty five (45) inches on the northern finges and over sixty (60) inches on the southern end. At times rains are experienced during the dry season, as the season is not cornpletely dry.

The temperatures vary with the season of the year. In the main, it is cool and dry except for areas where the rocks have been laid bare, thereby making the heat in the open during the day intense. On the whole both the annual and the daily range of temperature are rather less than in the north climate belt and temperature is not as high as in the South end.

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