Groundnut Soup (Omisagwe)
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Last update 03-06-2020) 

Groundnut soup is popular amongst Etsako people of Edo State. It is called Omisagwe among the Etsakos.

Groundnut Soup is a yummy Nigerian soup made with groundnut (peanuts). It is a very popular delicacy in some Southern and Northern parts of Nigeria, but particularly common amongst the Etsako people.

It is prepared the same way Egusi Soup is prepared. If you cannot find the ingredients to cook Egusi Soup where you live, Groundnut Soup is a great alternative.

Groundnut soup can be made with or without vegetable leaves and it can be thickly or a watery consistency. Bitter leaves are used for groundnut soup traditionally but it can be replaced with Ugu or Spinach leaves, where Bitter leaves are unavailable


1 cup raw un-skinned groundnuts

¼ cup oziza seeds

1 handful of chopped Efinrin – basil can be used as a substitute

1 medium sized smoked fish – I used Eja Osan

1 medium sized stockfish

An assortment of boiled meats

pumpkin leaves, spinach or bitterleaf

Beef stock

3 – 4 Ata Rodo or more – I will say more because you’ll enjoy this soup spicy

1 red onion

1 cooking spoonful of Palm oil

1 cup periwinkle


Seasoning cube – optional* Knorr Chicken cube preferred

How to prepare Groundnut Soup

Before cooking your groundnut soup, soak the stock fish and dry fish for a few hours, when soft, clean the fish, remove the bones and separate them into small pieces.

Roast the raw groundnuts in a pan, stirring constantly till they look golden brown.  Make sure the groundnuts do not get burnt, after this set aside to cool down completely then grind into powder with a dry mill.

Wash & cut the pumpkin leaves into tiny pieces. If using spinach, cut into small pieces, if using bitterleaf, wash till the bitterness is fairly out & set aside.

Prepare other ingredients: grind the pepper and grind the crayfish.

Cook the shaki first as it is the toughest meat in the bunch. Always keep water to the same level as the contents of the pot and top it up as you cook.

When the shaki starts to curl, add the dry fish and stockfish. When the shaki is almost done, add beef and Knorr soup seasoning. Cook till all the meat and fish are well done.

Add the crayfish, salt and pepper, cover and cook till it boils. Transfer the meat and fish to another pot/container leaving the stock in the pot.

Add the grinded groundnuts and stir very well till there are no lumps. Reduce the heat to very low and start cooking.

Stir every 5 minutes and top up the water if necessary. To avoid the mixture from burning, watch it closely and stir as often as necessary.

Cook till a thin film of clear oil appears on the surface. This should take about 15 minutes. Add palm oil and stir very well.

Add the beef and fish, stir and cook on low heat till it boils. For those who prefer their groundnut soup without vegetables add the vegetables, stir and leave to simmer. Stir again.

Mama’s Kitchen

Bitter Leaf known as Andrographis Paniculate in Latin

Bitter leaves help tone down the sweetness of this soup so if you do not have a sweet tooth, then you should use bitter leaves in preparing this soup.

It is efficacious as a medicine and contains an antiseptic that is very effective to reduce the heat inside.

Some studies report that the plants can stop the activities of gastric cancer cells, can inhibit tumour growth. Bitter leaf extract can inhibit the growth and development of breast cancer cells.

Bitter compounds have complete among other substances andrographolide a bitter taste, alkaloid, and potassium. Andrographolide content of which can improve the body’s defense systems such as the production of white blood cells that attack bacteria and other foreign substances. High potassium in Bitter leaf useful to remove water and salt to treat hypertension.

Bitter is also believed to be used as a medicine for typhus. Typhus is a disease caused by bacterial infection of the intestine and lymph nodes, and spleen. The incubation period of 5-14 days reach.

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