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Oba Osemwende
{About 1816AD-1848}
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Prince Eredia -uwa was crowned the Oba of Benin kingdom with the title Oba Osemwende after the defeat of Oba Ogbebo.

He ordered the Akure punitive expedition of [1818AD] to revenged the murdered of Osague the Benin empire goodwill ambassador to Akure who was murdered with the order of Arakale the Udezi of Akure. when the news of his killing reach Benin city  Battalions of royal troops under the  general command of  Ezomo Erebo  assisted by ologboshere and Imaran were sent.
Akure was captured, but Arakale manage to escape to Ado for help, he was expelled by Ewi of Ado for fear of Benin royal troop invasion. Arakale fled from Ado to Uju from Uju to Uhen there he was  finally handed over by Arinjale of Uhen to Ezomo.

Arakale was later trialed and executed.Osemwende also conquered Ekiti kingdom.

In 1840 Osodin{Okunbo} accompanied by Ehennua and Arhunmwunde were despatched to Lagos to demand from Eleko of Eko the customary annual tribute to the king of Benin but the emissaries found Lagos in a state of war of Succession between Akintoye and Kosoko.

by the close of Oba Osemwende's reign, John King in 1815,jame's fawknar in 1825 and Moffat and smith in 1838 visited Benin.

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