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 Friday night at the pub

Friday night not long, wait
Just a short time and I’ll see my mate
Abandon wife, work, and car
For the men to line up at the public bar

Lager is the order of the day
10 maybe, or that is what she’ll say
The crack to be had with all around
If you’ve lost your man that’s where he’ll be found

A misunderstanding with a drunken lout
Turns into a fighting bout
His face in the way of yet another fist
Please learn to duck and it would have missed

I try to understand with all my might
The pub’s hi-jinks on a Friday night
But l fail to see the reason why
He comes home with another black eye

He staggers home with the dog in tow
This growing up business is very slow
He says his vision is very misty
For heaven’s sake he’s over sixty 

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