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Edo Women

    I Remember, One Summer

I remember the fir trees

At the end of the garden

Deep green bathed in sunrays

Their tips a silver and yellow

Bright with light,

And pink honeysuckle

With pungent perfume

Had entwined itself

Around a high branch


I saw you there pausing

In play to stand and gaze

Fair-haired child caught up in

A world of wonder

Lost to adults the land

Where the very young dwell

Blue T-shirt red pants

Hands held out on delight

Thinking with the mind

And feeling with the heart

Part of the enchanted pool

At peace with nature

Secure and warm

You turned and ran across the lawn

Protected by your childhood

I remember you there

Feeling with the heart

And reaching to the light

In the land where

The very young dwell

                        Janet Smith

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