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The key To Your Dreams

For many years you dreams

You dreams-

They never will come true it seems

But still somehow you can’t let go,

Although you never let it shows.


You live your life from day to day-

You carry on with work and play,

And yet, inside, the dream still grows.

You hide it well though-no one knows.

Then someone comes to share your life,

Perhaps a husband or a wife.

They too have dreams and hope and fears.

You share these too,

Throughout the years.


Then comes the time you look ahead

And say the things that must be said.

The dreams you thought so far away

Become much closer, day by day.


You change your life, you make a move.

You take a chance- you have to prove

That if your dreams were meant to be,

Then only you can set them free

By Beryl Lee

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