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This punitive measure was reserved for crimes tending to mar peaceful village life. For example, non-cooperation in the village, where all other punitive measures at the disposal of the Edion or Egbele.had failed to cause a change of heart. Such a man might refuse to take .part in a lawful. Communal labour, or might be guilty of disloyalty to the community, as for example, trying to undermine the authority of the elders or selling his people to another village during a land dispute etc.. In such cases the whole village gathered together at the square and using their respected OKPO EDION.NE NEN, a law was made that from then on nobody was. ever to greet’ or answer the greetings of the man in question, no one was to enter his house for fire nor was he, to enter another’s house to take fire; he was thus given the most dreaded punishment the gregarious Esan people have: Social Ostracism, with its devastating psychological effects. Finding himself cut off from the rest of the community including members of his own family, he either had to go on his proud knees and pay heavy fines or he quitted the village altogether. Begging is made infinitely difficult because he cannot enter anyone’s house for intercession.

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