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Situated on the central of Edo State, Nigeria fringes of the rain forest belt, (Edo Central Senatorial District). Esanland is made up of thirty five clans, namely EKPOMA, EGORO, OPOJI, IRRUA, EWU, UROMI,UGBOHA, ORIA, UBIAJA, UDO, OHORDUA, EMU, EWOHIMI, EWATTO, EKPON, EBELLE, OKALO, AMAHOR, OGWA, UGUN,UZEA IGUEBEN, UGBEGUN, UJIOGBA, URHOHI,IDOA, IFEKU, EWOSSA, OROWA, ILLUSHI, IYENLEN, ONOGHOLO, UKHUN, KEKHENLEN,and OkHUESAN.

Esan folks are descendants of Bini migrants who fled the famous Bini Empire at the height of internal disorder between the 12th and 14th century A.D. As the fleeing bands moved north- east of the Empire, they developed into clans, at the head of each of which is an “ Onojie” (traditional Ruler). Each clan is organized into villages which, themselves are made up of lineages. A group of related families constitutes a lineage. Esan folks are therefore, Edo by tribe whose language has undergone only slight modifications, over the centuries, to create minor dialectical differences from pure Bini language The close cultural and historical relationships between the Esan and Binis are demonstrably illustrated by name “Esangbedo”-meaning Esans do no harms to Binis. It is there-fore not surprising that in Esanland, evidence of strong Bini influence is very conspicuous in language and some other cultural patterns. In fact, the Bini Monarch still has some reserved roles to play in the appointment and subsequent enthronement of an Onojie Whenever a clan stool is vacant.

Esan Customary Law And Custom

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