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Last update June 1, 2020

Mortuary rites differ considerably from community to community common features appear to be provision often of warlike character sacrifices, and the prevision goats, cloths, etc., by sons-in-law. As among other sections of the Edo-speaking peoples the types of mortuary rites differ according to the status of the deceased. When a man dies away from home some object is taken to represent him and buried with the usual riles.

In many communities an image is made from sticks and clothes and erected on the roof of the deceased’s house and in some; at least, it is carried in procession round the town.
Graves are in some places dug inside the house. At Somorika, however, there is a special graveyard on the top of the hill from which the people have descended with areas set aside for different categories of persons. Each grave is marked with a small stone alongside which a pot or enamel basin is placed in which small offerings are regularly made.
Shaving the head is a common sign of mourning for relatives.

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