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Last update June 1, 2020

Traditions Of Origin And History Of Akoko Edo People

Most of the claim that their ancestors migrated into the area either from Benin or from the Yoruba country on the west or from Idah on the east. The only people who claim to be aboriginals are Ogugu and Ekpese in the north and four groups---Uso, Uwehimi, Uwakpe, and Ogogoroso—which have been absorbed into Somorika. Full Story>>

The whole of Akoko-Edo is an agglomeration of people from Benin (in the South),
Idah (in the East), Igbirra (in the North) and Yoruba (in the West). It is said that the earliest settlers were the Benins who would have been there the same period the Etsako people moved from Benin during the reign of Oba Ozolua (1483-1504).
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