The History of Uneme Akiosu

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Last update July 1, 2020

Aku-Osu literally means the market of Osu known in the year 1890 AD in  Akoko-Edo land as the most spiritual Uneme community according to author “ Iron makers” in Benin. This is because they have tried to symbolize the spiritual life of Uneme prosperity in Akoko-Edo land by escalating the worshipping of Osuru the god of medicine.

The following are the ancestors and heros of Uneme Aki-Osu :- (I)Ekpadi   (II) Oboro (III) Omoaka.

When they migrated to their present community, there were Uneme blacksmiths who had some magical and spiritual components and value that made the Osu capable of, among others effectively and efficaciously prescribing to the people through the osu priest, places in which they were to settle, especially during the series of the migrations embarked upon by the people in their bid to locate a suitable and prosperous environment on which to establish their permanent settlement at the time. The Osu iron was carried by one of the leaders of the migrant ancestors from Uneme Akpama, who set out to search for a place of settlement..  On their arrival in the place of the present settlement, the Osu mace carrier  was said to have  been directed spiritually  to pig or forcefully thrust the iron subsistence in the  ground since  that spot had been confirmed to be the place in which the people  were to settle  down and establish  their new home . At first the people formed a large crowd round the Osu , before spreading out to establish their present lineages, including their compounds, quarters  and kindred in their  new  community . This was how they named the community Osu after the Osu spiritual iron mace. The prefix, Aki meaning market, or a crowed place was incorporated into the name in order to monumentalize and preserve for posterity, the pre-eminent role played by both Osu (as spiritual iron mace) and the crowd of the founding ancestors who first gathered in the area, where the community had emerged and developed.

The Uneme Aki-Osu people like their kith and kin in the neighbouring  Uneme  Akpama revived their indigenous settlement pattern and adopted it to their new community. This was why they re-grouped themselves into kindred quarters, ward, compounds and family units as they had done in their earlier places of settlement, especially in Benin, before the migration from the area.

These are the details of the seven kindred, which were revised and developed in Uneme Aki- Osu during the period.

(¡) Okaku

(¡¡) Imiava

(¡¡¡) Imiakpeloz


(v) Ogene

(v¡) Irokholotie

Uneme Aki Osu is situated in the North of Uneme Akpama. It is surrounded by a number of other Uneme communities, notably among which is Erhurun.

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