The History of Uneme Erhurun

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Last update July 1, 2020

According to the book titled the Iron Makers of the great Benin written by Dr. Osaren Solomon Boniface Omoregie state that "The Uneme Erhurun expanded as a hilltop meeting -point for as many Uneme people who seemed to be escaping from the effects of the undeclared war of the local non-Uneme people” , Uneme Ehunrun thus became an amalgam of the Uneme people versed in iron goods production skilled in marketing expansion into other areas like Okpella, and trained in the spiritual protection of the Uneme Iron work business. This phenomenon of Erhurun life in the 19th Century let to the conclusion that it was the most commercialized of the Uneme nations in Akoko Land.

According to the author of the book of Cultural History of the Uneme the Earliest Time to 1962. He maintained that there were four founding ancestor of Unene  "Erhurun” This said leader includes:  Imiohue, Uzanu. Ekpadi & Oboro He also maintained that the name "Uneme Erhurun- derives from Erhurun meaning Hill. The hill under reference is Atagba, where (as earlier noted), the founders and other pioneering occupants of uneme Erhurun first settled. Seven kindred came into being in the new community. They are :-

(¡) Ovbafe Oba

(¡¡) Uzanu

(¡¡¡) Imiakpero

(¡v) Imiokue

(v) Okaku

(v¡) Imieke

(v¡¡) Ogene

However, subsequent events incidental to the demographic expansion and development of Uneme Erhurun, especially the steady increase in the size and population of the community, and the enhanced social-political and techno- economic activities in the area, which took place much later after the founding of the settlement, had what could be termed a multiplier effect on the structure and composition of the community. One major example of such structural changes was the emergence and development of new component kindred which drew their founding membership from the pre-existing kindred in the community, which have already been listed above. Three of such new kindred (which came into being in the era after the period covered by this book) are listed as following:-

(¡) Ofevbosi

(¡¡) Akaba

(¡¡¡) Imiava

Till date, these three emergent kindred and the seven other ones, which came into being during the early years of the growth of Uneme Erhurun have  continued to flourish in that community .

Geographically Uneme Erhurun is situated in the south-east of Uneme Akpama. It is surrounded by a number of other Uneme and non- Uneme sub- groups particularly the Okpella in the present Etsako East Local Government Area of Northern Edo State.

Erhunun in 1800 AD was mostly known as commercial power house of Uneme nation of Akoko–Edo.

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