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Cultural Heritage Of Igun Eromwon People

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By Kingsley O. Ogbodu (Last update 25/09/2017)

It is gratifying to note that there are many good and beneficial aspects of our culture, which need to be continually projected. Although in some parts of Africa there may be aspects that are barbaric and need to be jettisoned because of their harmful and negative effects on some people the culture and custom seem to serve.

The cultural heritage of a people is transferred from generation to generation and every society has its own cherished culture.

History has it that what we have today as customs and traditions in different ethnic settings were genuinely and authentically tested facts.

The Igun Eromwon people is located in Oredo Local Government Area of Benin City with a unique cultural background that have attracted the Western world, dates back to 15th Century during the reign of Oba Ewuare the great.

Known for their art work mostly in Bronze casting which have won laurels to their state, Nigeria and Africa in the past.

For a long time, our traditional leaders and rulers took active steps to encourage the work of these talented African Carvers, Sculptors, Potters and others whose products stand today as artifact of a people sophisticated and talented in all fields of artistic endeavour.

It is true that all animals are equal but some are more equal than the others, this is evident in the cultural heritage of Igun Eromwon Bronze, which seems like a gift from God during the creation of man.

Igun Eromwon is an ancient community in Benin, popularly known as Igun Street located in Oredo Local Government Area of Benin City capital of Edo State.

Famous for its diverse Bronze arts work that have brought pride to the indigenous African culture, tradition and arts world. However, to drive home this particular point, Hon. Mike Eholor, Secretary, Igun Eromwon Bronze Association, disclosed to The weekend observer that Igun is as old as Benin just as Bronze casting is to the Benins.

He went further to affirm that their Bronze is a very unique one and that the knowledge and gift is given by God to their fathers and is usually transferred to their sons as the trade was the only school under gone by the male children in those days but unfortunately the gift cannot be transferred to aliens.

According to Hon. Mike Eholor, Igun Bronze has won laurels for the State several times both nationally and internationally and if you go to museums or exhibition of Art Work within the country or outside the country, you will find their Bronze there.

He concluded by appealing to Government to come to their aid by helping to encourage industries to make the raw materials like wax, clay, fire wood, charcoal and brass available, because their prices have risen astronomically due to importation of some of this products like wax which is gotten from honey comb.

In the same vein he expressed his thanks to the Comrade Governor, for giving some relief to assist them very recently.

As Edo 2009 festival draws near, it is hoped that it will be a replication of festac 77 where all art work in Africa will be showcased and exhibited.

The State Government should be properly and adequately prepared to host this epoch making events that will also bring fame to the heartbeat of the country.

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