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Mystic Beings Of Culture

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With ambrose ekhosuehi {Last update 25/092017}

Mystic beings are creatures of human form hidden from the eyes of the ordinary person, only revealed to a spiritually enlightened mind in culture.

Mystic beings are believed to be a race of beings, not quite human, but looking much like people. They appear in the Folktales of many countries and are said to inhabit magical regions on earth.

There are the ELF; a supernatural being of human form. Huge mystical being and of great height of more or less human form of enormous size.

Fairies are small supernatural being, generally of graceful human form capable of kindly or unkindly towards human beings. fairies could bring good lucky or bad. They have magic powers and people fear them. It was said that any person who wandered accidentally into fairy-land, either returned witless or was never seen again.

In the ancient times, it was considered dangerous to speak of fairies by name and so they were called “the little people or gentle people”.

Those that were not bad naturally were certainly mischievous. It was believed that human person might even marry a fairy, but people generally consider it safest to beware of them. Children are led to think more of good fairies.

Elves may be regarded as the elder fairies. ELF — EZIZA is a cultural heritage of certain community in Benin Kingdom and a traditional festival of the people of Umokpe Town.

The Eziza of Umokpe is famous for the favours or good deeds the community had received from Eziza. A grove dedicated to the supernatural being is sacred to the people. Eziza appears in the form of cyclone-ehoho Eziza. Eziza hair is precious for its mystic uses. The hair is always alive and moves when spittle touches it and increases in number if kept in a favourable condition. Eziza hair is sold by some market women selling various types of items (Ke m w i - ke mw i).

An old person who used to work at farm had a large quantity of Maize-corn to be threshed and threshed by the piskies. They were over heard saying “I tweet! You tweet!! And in the morning the corn was found threshed.”

Piskeydom assists people provided that only the cause is good and the people are sincere.
Elves would work on people’s behalf, unceasingly good to every person and no bad to others.

A farmer moved a bowl to the bottom of a hill for convenience. On the morning after its removal, it was found to have been returned uphill to its proper place. A second time it was moved with the same result but the third time, the farmer moved the bowl, not only was the bowl — Okpan, back to its proper place, the farmer found meat spread over the fire.

One evening a young fisherman saw a cluster of Elves when he was returning along the edge of the tide. They squatted in the Lee of a boat around one ELF, who dealt coins from a golden heap before him into the caps in turn.

In the past the fisherman had received several benefits from the piskey folk. Fearing naught, the fisherman crept close and edged his cap into line with their little piskies, but as the last piece of gold fell, they saw the fisherman and rose like angered bees.

Unharmed, the fisherman reached his cabin. None can tell what followed but prudent fishermen had won knitfrocks.

In a countryside, an old woman dwelt, who never looked too dirty but wore one clean apron. Every night, she opened the window a little way, set a dish on the table and went to bed. Every morning the dish was gone, the plate washed and put by, the floor swept, and sprinkled with white sand, and not a cobweb left under the roof.

Mystic beings, if properly research with others in the globe, the fairy tales may be persuaded to exercise mystic powers for the benefit of culture.

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