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Posted by Osamede Osunde (28-09-2016)

Tired of the treadmill? Or did you join a gym at the begining of the year only to lapse your membership? Fear not woman for there are many other effective ways of burning calories that can be equally beneficial for mood and muscles.

Dancing well fast dancing that is, burns about 350+ calories an  hour, not only that it gets the heart pumping, improves leg tone and targets core muscles and partner dancing has the added bonus of firming upper arms. Dance away those blues to up-life and energise.

Housework Now we’re no talking just  flicking a feather dusting around moderate house-work burns 160calories an hour whereas window cleaning will use 200. You stretch and tone muscles by ironing scrubcal products and stick to good old fashioned hot soapy water you’ll not only be eco-friendly but need more elbow grease and burn up more calories too. Mood lift wise you’ll gain immense satifaction from having a gleaming house

Shopping, Believe it or not can burn 150 to 300 calories an hour that is if you walk there and back, around malls, and take the stairs rather than the lift between floors. The walking will tone the legs and bum, carring baskets strengthens the arms and reaching to the top shelf and sqatting down to the bottom shelf to get  products stretches whole raft of muscles. Of course if the shopping includes buy a new outfit then there’s no bigger mood boost.

Sex. In an active session you can burn at least 300 calories an hour the more energetic you are can make it into killer workout that tone and challenge many muscles especially the legs and abs. So instead of just lying back and thinking of Edo State, up the ante and both your thigh and partner will thank you for it.

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