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Baubles, Bangles and Beads

Posted by Osamede Osunde (28-09-2016)


The secrets of looking well groomed is in knowing how to accessories your look. Splashing out on precious metal and gems is all very well if you can afford to but if not don’t worry as costume jewelry is inexpensive and sold everywhere. Jewelry can instantly transform any outfit and provide a new focal point for your figure. When it comes to our-match an outfit perfectly. You can use colours to tone in with what you like and will wear.Depending on your skin tone there are certain colours that will suit you more than others.

If you are of Africa descent or Asian, have dark hair, eyes and a swallowing or olive complexion, then avoid the colour yellow. Similarly, baby pink or power blue won’t suit you, nether will beige or brown. Your best colours will generally be black and bright colours such as red cardinal pink, emerald green, mauve and turquoise. Also greyor navy blue.

If you’re a red-head or strawberry blonde and have fair skin, pale eyes and freckle then avoid black. Navy-blue, pink, icy-blue, turquoise and grey are equally bad for your skin as they wash you out. Your best bet is to wear rustic colouers such as mustard, beige, dark coffee, olive green, tobacco brown and brick. There warm tones will give life to your fair shin and enhance the tones in your hair.

If you have a peaches and cream complexion or skin that has blue undertones, with green or blue eyes then black, grey, beige, apricot and cold blue tone are not good colouers for you. However, red, hot pink, lemon, bright blue, aqua and saga green are your best colouers along with muted bright tone and warm pastel colouers.

Bangles, Bracelet and Cuffs:

With three quarter and elbow length sleeves the wrist is the prominent are of focus for jewelry this season and bangles are big, literally! Deep wide bangle cuffs; sleek bands of metal, leather punk studded or gem adorned are all the rage. If you go for narrow or finer bangles then wear masses stacked together. Metal enamel, Perspex and wood are popular. For evening glamour try wear a cuff over long gloves or one statement bangle or wide cuff high on the upper arm.                                                

NOTE: If your arms are short then you’re best off with delicate pieces as chunky bracelets will make your arms appear chubby.

Vintage Charm:

Charm bracelets are big news again. If you haven’t get one ask your mother to dig her gold charm bracelet our or have a root round the hand section in jewelry shops for a real vintage find. They are often a good buy as they are visual craftwork in the charms. Failing that chose a modern costume one with gem encrusted skills, hearts, tusks, coins, colours beads, chains etc. There are also charm necklaces and handbag charms.                                    

NOTE: watch what you wear your charm bracelet with, as delicate fabrics can snag easily.

Brooching the subject:

Pin a little gem brooch on your cardigan. Pearl, metal, gemstone and glass brooches are making a statement in bows, filigree and fleur-de-lis. One of the most bizarre trends though has to be the dead mouse brooch. Brooches featuring dead rodent are currently all the in New York and it appears the craze has reached the UK Pete Doherty presented ex-fiancée Kate moss with a dead mouse brooch to emphasize how he feels defeated crushed and broken without her. Most will find it disgusting but it is fashion’s answer to Damien Hirst-art, in its extreme sense.


Chain-mail’s seen on necklaces, with beaten metal gem-encrusted neck plates. Hammered copper with shimmering metallic and other metal textures including frosted, brushed, puffed, mesh and interwoven effect adorn catwalk necks.

Back to nature:

Leaves feature heavily in many collection, often the skeleton of a leaf for pave or other enhancement. Flower forms are out there too and butter-files and dragonflies are some of the popular insects this year.

Pendant Penchant:

Diamond butterflies and other charms such as diamond shapes, starfish, hearts and snowflakes hang from pendants, as do dream catchers. Large link chains are also a mega trend.

Hearts flutter:

The heart struck by cupid’s arrow is a theme shown on this year’s catwalk. Aside from bejeweled examples more unusual hearts in the form of military style medals with clean, cut metal arrows were seen giving them a more modern sharp look.

Ring of change:

Chunky, oversized and more than a little kitsch are the ring that fashionistas’ hands are dripping with this winter. Huge stone or multi mix gems used in one ring are on the up and cocktail rings with Swarovski crystal too.

What your poison?

Poison Rings are de rigueur. Looking just like an ordinary ring they have a secret hidden chamber. Not recommended for actual toxic substances, but just right as a conversation starter!

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