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Corruption And Scam: These Are Now Officially Nigeria’s National Culture

 {By Olusola Osineye}

I recently got an email from a Nigerian who is in an on-line network that I also belong to. The network is composed of middle class Nigerians, both at home and in Diaspora. The e-mail was titled: A Call to Arms - E-Bay and Pay-Pal Profile all Nigerian Transactions as Fraudulent?. The summary of the content is that my friend, having registered Full story
Corruption: Not Anymore A Big Deal In Nigeria

 {By Hakeem Babalola}

Who or what is going to curb corruption in a nation where impairment of virtue and moral principles are genuinely considered traditional values? Who or what is going to hold or keep rottenness in the land within limits? Although this question has become a cliché, it is basically to hound all those who have declared war on corruption in the Full story

Anti corruption crusader in Nigeria: can the self acclaimed giant of Africa be salvaged? (I)


Corruption is synonymous to dishonesty or illegal behaviour, especially of people of authority. The expression can also be interpreted as the act or effect of making somebody change from moral to immoral standard of behaviour. From the foregoing, the issue of corruption and corrupt practices, is largely associated with those entrusted to Full story


Nigeria’s cult of corruption

By U. Ejinkeonye}

VIRTUALLY every Nigerian knows and strongly believes that any day Nigeria is able to make up its mind to end its obscene and ruinous romance with the stubborn monster called “corruption”, this country will automatically witness the kind of prosperity no one had thought was possible in these parts.Just imagine the amount of public funds b Full story

Corruption: How Did We Get This Low? And Which Way Out? – An Open Letter To A Great Nation

{Written by Rufus Kayode Oteniya}

This is the first of what I hope will be a series of regular letters to the 140 million Good People of this Great Nation. Being my first letter, I would like to deal with an issue of utmost concern to all, something that touches every life in the nation. Corruption is a menace that is posing a great challenge to our development,.a torn in the flesh of our national Full story

Corruption as terrorism

By Idumange John

All over the world corruption has been identified as a silent killer perhaps worse than any disease ever known to man. In Nigeria corruption has had a ruinous effect on all facets of life. Nigeria operates an ugly brand of monopoly capitalism - an ideology which thrives on competition, governed by self-aggrandizement and consolidated by corruption. Full story

The Many Faces Of Corruption

{Justin Orukwowu}

Corruption is an endemic phenomenon that has threatened to diminish the prosperity promised by the natural endowment of Nigeria. Corruption has caused Nigeria so much in terms of its national image. It has made Nigerians at home and abroad subjects of ridicule. Nigerians are among the most scrutinised in international airports and are of Full story
The corrupt have inherited our country

{Is’haq Modibbo Kawu}

“The rulers who steal Nigeria’s future and a poor man who steals a yam at the market are judged very differently. Pinch a yam in the market and you will have petrol-soaked tyre jammed round your neck and set alight. Trouser a billion dollars of state funds and everyone fawns on you…. Corruption exists everywhere, not just Africa…. But Nigeria’s Full story
Celebration Of Fraud In Nigeria

{Dr Anyanate Ephraim}

The crime of embezzlement is a wide-spread crime in the present-day Nigeria. It impairs the property relationship protected by the law and the reputation of state organs and personnel. The party in power and the current Yara’Adua led government in Nigeria have always persisted in fighting corruption and building clean and honest govern. Full Story
Sharing the Cake of Corruption

{Adamu Adamu, Daily Trust}

But we don’t know because we have chosen not to know. This is because of an aspect of corruption that is not normally thought of and accepted as such—people’s lack of civic responsibility. You don’t have to be a politician, a technocrat, a civil servant, a soldier or a journalist to be corrupt. Though this variety of corruption may not be Full story

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