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Linda Jacks
My name is Linda Jacks and my stage name is Sexy Dj Babylynn .I am a female Dj, promoter and I manage artists too, I’m based in London UK. I was born in UK to Nigerian parents – both from Benin City. I came to Nigeria when I was, like… 8 or 9. I did my secondary school in Nigeria and went back to the UK to do my college and I did my university in London. I also went to Media School to study more. Entertainment is my life.Ihave passion for music since I was a teenager, and Full Story
Sonia Aimiuwu
THE GUARDIAN Sunday, February 29, 2004 Sonia Aimiuwu's childhood dream was to be an actress and singer but her mother would have none of that even though she was the one that encouraged the blossoming of the dream. Instead, she insisted that her little daughter take to a 'responsible and respectable' cause in life by having her study Business Management.But no soonerthan Sonia Aimiuwu jetted out of the country and found herself in Italy that she decided to live her Full Story
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