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Inheritance In Emai Land

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(Last update 07/25/2017)

The surviving elders of the deceased family normally carry out inheritance after the completion of all the funeral rites by the children. Caution and strict adherence to the rule of the customs must be adopted in order to avoid disunity and sometimes court case among the children of the deceased. It is most important to note that all major decisions connected with such rites are usually left to delegates from the paternal side, while representatives from the mother's side mainly observe.Representatives from the maternal side are therefore charged as customs demands to prepare the dead for interment, in close contact with the children of the deceased.

All the properties of the deceased will be itemised both the tangible and the intangible ones. For instance, houses, cars farmlands, etc. The family then moves on to the issue of sharing these and other properties of the deceased.

The first and main house,that is, where he lived before he died and this must be shared to the children according to seniority, irrespective of the numbers of wives. If the eldest child is a woman and the man has other sons, the eldest daughter shares in the third position. If the extended family is aware of this fact, it must equally be respected and protected. When property are being shared in Emai land, a lot of heat is usually generated and so utmost care is usually taken to avoid chaos and disunity.

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