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Ogbomo was the 17th Odionwere Ogiso and was chosen from Ugbowo quarters of Igodomigodo. His parents came from Ozoguo clan in the areas of Ugbogiobo. The Ozoguo were very powerful war-like people and there were also great herbalists from the area but presently they have scattered from their original home and they are now occupying villages such as Oluku, Odighi, Utekon, Igbekhue, Osasimwionba. Uwan Aihuohabekun. Idumwehigie etc

However, Oghomo was born at Ughowo but spent most of his early at Ozoguo. Though, he was farming at Ugbowo yet he was also an herbalist and an Osun, god of herbs worshipper. He always go to Ozoguo to collect herbs because some of the leaves he used were found  only in Ozoguo forest He was very versed in herbs and treated many alignments including those peculiar to women and children. Because of this his house was always filled with people especially those who needed children and wanted to solve the problems associated with children.

Every year he had a festival for his Osun (god of herbs) and his place was always full, with mostly women and children who gave gifts. One cannot also rule out that he worshipped the Owo deity; no one knew when the deity came to be at Ugbowo it was a powerful deity many years ago searchlight fell on Ogbomo to be chosen as Odionwere Ogiso by the Edionie. He had been known and had been made Odionwere of Ugowo for very many years. He did not struggle for the position of Odionwere Ogiso in IgodomigOdo. His good works and services to the humanity brought him fame and the only way to regard him at later part of his life, was the award of kingship position. He was qualified by virtue of his age too. He was crowned at the age of 92 years. It was really a big ceremony with crowds of women and youths dancing from Ugbowo to Uhunmwidumwun He ruled for 15 years and died at the age of 107 years. He was called ‘Ogiso Ogbomo the father of Children.

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