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                 OHUEDE DYNASTY (ABOUT 871 - 1100 AD.)


  1. Ohuede      About    871 A.D --917 A.D
  2. Oduwa       About    917 A.D – 967 A.D
  3. Obioye       About    967 A.D – 1012 A.D
  4. Arigho        About  1012 A:D – 1059 A.D
  5. Owodo       About  1059 A.D – 1100A.D

The Kingship system in Edo since 40 B.C. had been by primogeniture on the male line. The particular system had been well founded. This had been the reason why women had not ruled in Benin.
As might be seen, Ogiso Eheneden’s rule was peaceful for about 50 years. He had many female children but no male. Since no woman could rule in Benin none of his daughters were allowed to rule. His brother’s son was invited. This was done by the Edionisen in order to avoid edionwere Ogiso coming to rule. That would had brought the system to disrepute. This was known as Ohuede Dynasty. They were Ohuede, Oduwa, Obioye, Arigho and Owodo. They ruled for almost 300 they were called Ihinmwimrin dynasty because Ohuede hailed from there.

Ohuede was the grandson of Orriagba’s second son called Enowe, who was junior to Odoligie. Ohuede was the only grandson of Enowe and Okagbé to Orriagba’s family. He had also attained the age grade of Edion-Evbo but was yet to qualify as Odionwere. He was therefore, qualified to be crowned Ogiso, in accordance with the law made- by Oriagba, that unless one is an Edion-Evbo, or a titled Chief.he cannot be crowed an Ogiso. The Edionisen who became the king makers since the reign of Orriagha invited Uhueue and crowned him   Ogiso. This was to ensure Continuity in the blood and dynastic line.
It was believed that such hereditary system on blood line was responsible for the stability of the kingship system.

Ohuede inherited a well developed and large kingdom that spread over a large expanse of territories. But its trading activities which were contributing to its economy were impeded by tolls and duties exacted by overlords through whose lands it passed in the far North Africa. It was not possible at this time to carry on trade because of the religious wars and high way robbery known as (lkpata) and Izigan) and its attendant violence.

Ogiso Ohuede did not seem prepared for kingship. He was very week and lacked the administrative skills required of his office. He could not function effectively like his predecessors of Orriagba dynasty. He could not control the enigie in the provinces and they did whatever they liked without any sanctions being imposed on them. New Uko’s or ministers were not appointed to enable him check the excesses of the Enigie. Even the women who were charged with the function of scrubbing the palace walls were no longer doing so. The works of beautification on the palace walls fell off. The palace became a shadow of its former self.

Ogiso Ohuede’s weakness also affected the economy. He did nothing to revive external trade. The guilds which had been established to control and regulate production standards and distribution were likewise neglected by the royal palace. People now practice whatever trade and craft as they pleased without requisite apprenticeship training and this led to fall of standards and demands for produce of the guilds. This depressed trade and hampered economic development.
The reign of Ohuede was like that of the Edionwere Ogiso, which was lacking in achievements. Ohuede died and his son Oduwa succeeded him

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