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Edo Women


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Ororo the l5th Ogiso Odionwere was crowned in Igodomigodo at the age of 80 years. He was not the oldest Odonwere in the City, but he was the most active and intelligent Odionwere Others who were qualified for the position were infirm, senile and unable to face rigors of administration Some historian even said that he was a woman This was not true Ogiso Ororo was from Eyanugie quarters where iron was smelted and the home of blacksmiths He was brought up as a blacksmith in Eyanugie. Ororo traveled to other areas outside lgodomigodo either to sell his iron materials or to obtain some for his Smiting work. He made chains, knives, hoes, needles, scepter, cutlasses, axes and other ritual iron materials for the services of Ogun, he god of iron.

Ororo therefore was well known by the people of Igodomigodo and outside the Ogiso kingdom, hence he received congratulatory messages. From far and near when he was crowned Ogiso Od!onwere. Ogiso Qroro promoted the working of iron in Igodornigodo He used to say say that “he who worked with iron, will never go hungry because we use for farming and for almost everything we do in our lives” Another popular saying of his was “one day IRON will conquer the world” He said that if you travel to the North; it is through the use of Iron, if you go to the South, West and East it is through the help of the iron. lf you travel on the ┬áriver, if you climb trees, if you dig, the ground, all these would not be possible without iron. Without- the use of iron one cannot win a war. We use iron to obtain all good things life, and iron will remain forever and ever” Thus Ogiso Ororo was not only a blacksmith, but also a PHILOSOPHER He ruled for 18 years and died at the age of 98 years holding an iron in his hand.

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