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                    ORRIAGBA  DYNASTY (ABOUT 685 A.D-871 A.D)
1.Orriagba     About  685 A.D -- 712 A.D
2.Odoligie     About  712 A.D – 767 A.D
3.Uwa           About  767 A.D – 821 A.D
4 Eheneden   About  821 A.D – 821 A.D

After almost 300 years of Edionwere Ogiso ruling the country, there came a change in the system. Orriagba made the change because he felt that the ruling of the 19 edionwere Ogiso brought no improvement to Igodomigodo. So Orriagba made sure that his children should become Ogiso after him. He revived the primogeniture system. He also made the position of the Edionisen to be hereditary.


During the period of the Edionwere Ogiso, were threats of collapse of the Ogiso  system because of the infighting that  characterized the system.

he anarchy situation called seriously for reforms that would ensure stability that existed under the Igodo dynasty. Ogiso Orriagba was the first Ogiso Odionwere to revolt against the convention of Odionwere Ogiso System. He was the son of a renowned native doctor at Oroghotodin in the area now called ldumwebo near Oba market. Under his father, Orriagba was trained as an Ighede drummer and became popular. It is said that’ “without Orriagba, no Obo (Diviner’s) dance would be complete”. People shunned diviners dance performances where he was hot present. It was believed that his drumming made the diviners to transcend to the world of spirits. In youth, he won the expression of “Orriagba N’egho’ meaning “Orriagba the adorable’. He knew all about lghede and nothing about medicine or divination. His father declined to become Ogiso because his gods did not approve of it. Ediae was the next Ogiso. When Ediae died, many Edionwere started struggling for the title again. Orriagha was one of them. He has become old and was one of the youngest edionwere in Igodonigodo. For almost two years, the throne was vacant because of the struggle for the crown in the end, however. Orriagba won through edionisen to his side and he was crowned as Ogiso.

Orriagha as a popular odionwere in Igodomigodo had a large followership not only from his clan, but all over the country. He had served for many years as leader of the youth or Okaeroghae, and Ighele age groups. He was a great wrestler who was good in fencing and archer. He was also a renowned chess player of akhue or marbles which was a popular game for nobles and was also cherished by the people. So in almost every sphere of life, Orriagba had an achieved fame.

Immediately he was crowned, he began a political revolution that changed political administration of the Kingdom and strengthened monarchical power. He did this through enacting decrees which barred untitled Edionwere from contesting for the throne, and changed the qualification for membership of Edion Evbo. He established councils for Edionwere, Eroghae and Ighele age grades

It could be seen that Orriagba came in as Ogiso Odionwere, but due to the fact that he made many changes through decrees, the Edionisen made it possible to allow him to produce a heir apparent so as to normalize the system as it was during the reign of Ogiso Igodo, Ere and Orire. He came to be known as Ogiso kings and not Ogiso Odionwere. His son Odoligie succeeded him which did not happen during the reign of other 19 Ogiso Odionwere. It was the greatest revolution between 385 A.D. and 685 A.D a period of 309 years or three centuries. Orriagba made his second son Enowe Enogie ot lhinmwinrin, he did this, so as to spread his ruling to other villages. lhinrnwinrin is very close to Uhunmwidumwurin.

Enowe as Enogie of lhinrnwinrin helped the father in the development of the country. Enowe continued his lineage as enogie at Ihinmwinrin.As would be read in Ohuede dynasty it was because of the blood relationship of Ohuede with Orriagba that made the edionnisien to search for Ohuede who became Ogiso because, Eheneden (821 - 871 A.D) had no heir to continue the Orriagba dynasty.

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