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Edo Women
Queen Iden

Queen Iden

Queen Iden the wife of oba Ewakpe


In trying to review the contributions of women to the ancient kingdom of Benin, the story will be grossly understated without reference to Queen Iden the beloved wife of Oba Ewakpe the great. She was the pride of femine gender: in her days as a Benin Royal Queen who stood behind her husband in a turbulent Full story
Queen Iden Vial Of Edo Culture


Queen Iden was the faithful wife of Oba Ewuakpe who remained married to him, made herself the sacrifice, offered herself to be buried alive to the gods for a handsome presents to the Oba and peaceful co-existence of Edo people. In those days of Oba Ewuakpe, the Benin people revolted against the Benin Monarch Full story
Queen Iden: Great Woman Of Benin Kingdom

{Written by Ekaiwe Omo Omoregie}

BETWEEN 1440-1473AD, Oba Ewuare prophesied that there would be a time when Benin Kingdom would experience bad times if Prince Idoca wore the crow. Prince Idova’s father, Akennuama, was too old to become the Oba. So, he appealed to the kingmakers to crown his son the Oba.Eventually, Prince Idova changed Full story
Queen Iden of Benin Kingdom

{written By Osahon Naiwu}

When Ewebonoya the mother of Oba Ewuakpe (1700 ? 1712 CE), died at her Uselu palace, soon into his reign.To provide her with the level of comfort she had become accustomed to as Queen mother, he sacrificed humans, a great number of them, to continue to attend to her needs in the ethereal world. Edo people, Full story
Queen Iden of Oka

{written By Egharevba}

Iden of Oka was a loving wife of Oba Ewuakpe and she remained very faithful to him while her comrades deserted the harem when the Oba was suffering from the rebellion of his subjects and was also in poverty and want as a result of his cruel deeds Subsequently, the oracle advised him to offer a human sacrifice Full story
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